Professor Richard Bryant, BA (Hons), MPsychol, PhD, FAPS, FASSA.

Professor Bryant is Director of the Traumatic Stress Clinic and Scientia Professor of Psychology at the University of New South Wales.   His research has focused on identification of people at risk of mental health problems after trauma, early intervention strategies, treatment strategies for posttraumatic stress, and complicated grief.  His research has resulted in many national and international awards, including the 1996 Australian Psychological Society Early Career Award for research excellence, the 1996 Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Service Gold Achievement Award for scientific excellence, the 1999 Ian Campbell Award from the Australian Psychological Society for research excellence, the 1999 Australian Society of Hypnosis Award for research excellence, the 1999 Academy Medal of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, the 2000 Emergency Management Australia Award, the 2000 Australian Museum’s Eureka Prize for Science, the 2001 International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies Robert F. Laufer Award, the 2006 Australian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Lifetime Achievement Award, and the 2007 Australian Society for Psychiatric Research Founders Medal. He was elected to Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia in 2005, and he also holds an ARC Professorial Fellowship.  Professor Bryant also works on many major national and international projects, including developing the Australian NHMRC PTSD treatment guidelines, web treatments for US troops returning from Iraq, tsunami survivors in Thailand, developing counselling programs for disaster survivors in the USA after Hurricane Katrina, and web-based treatments for complicated grief patients in the USA.

Clinic Staff

The clinic is staffed by clinical psychologists, all experienced in assessing and treating posttraumatic stress reactions and complicated grief as well as a wide range of other mental health related difficulties.

Catherine Cahill, BA (Hons), MSc, MPsychol (Clin)
Dr Katie Dawson, BPsych (Hons), Mpsychol(Clin), PhD
Ben Garber, BPsych (Hons), MPsychol (Clin)
Dr Lucy Kenny, BPsych (Hons), MPsychol(Clin), PhD
Natasha Rawson, BPsych (Hons), MPsychol (Clin)
Julia Tockar, BPsych (Hons), MPsychol (Clin)

Affiliated Staff/Students

Prof Kim Felmingham, BA (Hons), MA (Clin Psych), PhD
Dr Fiona Maccallum, BSc (Pysch) (Hons), MPsychol (Clin), PhD
Dr Angela Nickerson, BA(Hons), Mpsychol(Clin), PhD