Our Treatment Programs

The Traumatic Stress Clinic provides treatment for adults who are experiencing posttraumatic stress or complicated grief reactions. Before treatment, all patients are assessed to determine the suitability of the Clinic for their needs. More information about obtaining treatment at the Traumatic Stress Clinic can be found here.

What type of treatment is it?
Most treatment programs provided at the Clinic are based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). CBT is a scientifically proven treatment approach which aims to teach patients new skills and strategies for dealing with some of the difficulties commonly experienced after a trauma or significant loss. This can include learning new ways to identify and manage distressing thoughts, memories and behaviours. Across many studies from different countries, there is overwhelming evidence that CBT is the best treatment for both PTSD and prolonged grief reactions.

What is a “research clinic”?
The Traumatic Stress Clinic is a research clinic, meaning that all of the treatment provided through the Clinic is conducted as part of research trials. This research aims to investigate the usefulness of treatments for posttraumatic stress and complicated grief reactions. This means that the treatments offered through the Traumatic Stress Clinic are based on the best treatments currently available for PTSD and prolonged grief. At the same time, these treatments are “cutting edge”, incorporating new and improved approaches for treating trauma and loss. Because we are a research clinic, patients at the Traumatic Stress Clinic have access to highly specialised treatments with experts in the field and, because we are funded by research grants, treatment is free.

The treatment programs currently offered at the Traumatic Stress Clinic include:

  • a posttraumatic stress program for people experiencing difficulties following trauma
  • a specialist posttraumatic stress program for police officers and emergency responders with PTSD
  • a treatment program for prolonged grief
  • a treatment for journalists