Welcome to the Traumatic Stress Clinic

The Traumatic Stress Clinic is recognised internationally as a leading treatment and research clinic for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and grief. The Clinic is involved in a variety of research and treatment programs aimed at better understanding reactions to traumatic events and loss, improving the treatment available for people who have difficulty coping with these events, and developing new and effective treatments for specific groups of people such as police officers and other emergency services personnel.

The Clinic is involved in evaluating current treatments for PTSD and complicated grief. This means that individuals can get access to cutting-edge treatment at no cost. We can provide this free service because we are funded by a number of grants to conduct research into treatment effectiveness. More information about the treatment programs offered through the Clinic can be found here.

As well as treatment research, the Clinic is involved in a number of other research projects. Further information about these projects and about research participation can be found here.

The Traumatic Stress Clinic offers treatment for PTSD and complicated grief at both our Westmead Hospital (Westmead) and University of New South Wales (Randwick) locations.