Who do we treat?

The treatment offered at the Traumatic Stress Clinic is designed for adults who have PTSD or prolonged grief reactions related to a traumatic event or a loss they have experienced as an adult. More specifically, our treatment is designed for individuals who have:

  1. lost a loved one, or
  2. experienced or witnessed an event which could result in serious injury or harm to themselves or another person. Examples of these events include road traffic accidents, physical and sexual assaults, other violent crimes, industrial accidents, natural disasters, or life threatening medical complications.

Many adults who experience traumatic events in their childhoods do experience ongoing traumatic stress reactions. However, the impact of these events can differ from that of events experienced as an adult. As a result, the treatment programs offered at the Traumatic Stress Clinic are not appropriate for individuals whose main difficulties have arisen from childhood trauma and loss. More specialist treatment services are recommended for individuals experiencing psychological distress in relation to childhood events.

Individuals who are currently still under threat, or who have experienced domestic violence may also be referred to specialist services.

As treatments provided at the Clinic can be difficult for individuals with other mental health related difficulties, individuals who are actively suicidal, psychotic or dependent on alcohol or other substances cannot be treated at the Clinic until these conditions are stabilised.

Finally, because the treatments provided at the Traumatic Stress Clinic focus on identifying and discussing your own thoughts, these treatments may not be appropriate for individuals with moderate-to severe-head injuries or developmental disabilities.