This program offers individual treatment for people who have experienced a traumatic event in adulthood more than one month ago and continue to experience posttraumatic stress reactions that cause them distress and interfere with their daily functioning. 

To be eligible for this treatment program you must have been experiencing posttraumatic stress reactions for longer than one month after the event.

As with our other treatment programs, this program is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Many international studies have concluded that this form of treatment is the best treatment for PTSD. The aim of this study is to examine new ways of enhancing existing CBT treatments.

The current treatment program involves 9 weekly sessions, each lasting approximately 1 ½ hours.

Part of the research is examining the potential for exercise to improve people’s responses to PTSD treatment. Because of this, individuals coming in to the program must be capable of completing 10 minutes of exercise designed to lift their heart rate. Also, because of the strong language component of the treatment, people who wish to participate in this treatment must be able to do so in English.

Unfortuantely because of the limitations of our research, we are not able to treat individuals who have experienced childhood trauma or trauma related to domestic violence. 

If you are seeking treatment for childhood trauma, please contact the Blue Knot Foundation on 1300 657 380

If you are seeking treatment for domestic violence, please contact the Domestic Violence Line on 1800 656 463.


If you think you can be helped by this program:

Contact the Traumatic Stress Clinic, and a telephone interview will be arranged. You will be asked some questions about your trauma exposure and the problems you are seeking help for. This interview should take approximately 20 minutes. If we think this program is right for you, we will proceed with a full assessment and then commence the program.

If you feel like you need treatment, but you are unsure whether this program will be appropriate for you, please feel free to contact us for further assessment or referral options.

The government funds the Clinic with research grants in order to investigate treatments for posttraumatic stress and grief. This enables us to provide a free, specialist service.



More information about PTSD can be found here.


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